Sunday, January 11, 2009

Growing Up

I met Coley Brown in Tokyo a few months back in front of the famous stature called Hachiko. Hachiko was the famous dog who waited at Shibuya station everyday for his owner to come home from work. Now he's in stone, or bronze, or whatever. A simple act in this sprawling mega-city captured forever. What a nice place to meet someone who would end up being one of my best friends, huh?

Coley was in town for 2 months for work and during that time, we tried to hang out as much as possible. One day after lunch we saw two high school girls leaning up against a wall. One was crying and the other one was trying to comfort her. Coley and I both looked at each other with the same understanding that photographers have. My heart began to pound while I was sneaking up closer behind them like a stalker to get a closer shot. We didn't notice it then, but later when we got the film back, we could see that the friend of the girl who was crying was holding her hair back with one hand and wiping her tears with a pink towel with the other. We were blown by how touching that was. If they had seen us then, I'm sure they would have beat the shit out of us, but maybe if they found the photograph 20-30 years from now, they might have been grateful to rediscover an important moment in their teenaged lives in which they've forgotten.

Now Coley is back in NYC and I'm still in Tokyo. It's sad that he's gone, but that's how it goes. Here we are, two kids, on opposite sides of the world with one eye closed and one eye open.

-Pat Pat




-Pat Pat

(翻訳 コズママリオ/translated by Mari Kojima)